Our Philosophy and Concepts

Why are we healthy? That has been Peter Mandel’s central question. The human being itself incorporates certain information and healing processes, which we have been tracking for the last fifty years. As it is in the term ESOGETICS, where the “internal space” and the energetic flow are combined, the individual causal chains of the anamnesis are combined with an individual therapeutic protocol.

We are acknowledging the entire human being. Only a harmonious communication between body, soul and spirit allows us to be healthy. As soon as there are symptoms of stasis, blockage or occlusion, the process we call disease commences. Our task is to support the intrinsic interaction, protect it or reset it to its original state of function.

We are complete: from diagnosis to therapy. A wholistic image of the human being does require a complete and wholistic concept of diagnosis and therapy. Therefore our worldwide group of therapists is relying on the digital EEA diagnostic procedure and the linked therapeutic technologies.

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