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„For me the term Esogetics stands for creating awareness of some valuable and inherited knowledge. We should explore this knowledge, apply it in a contemporary fashion and keep developing it in a dynamic and always responsible manner. For me that is true service to humankind."

Peter Mandel

Welcome at the International Mandel Institute

The International Mandel Institute researches, edits and curates the knowledge of Esogetic Medicine.

Since the early days of Peter Mandel’s systematic insights in 1973, a complex archive of theory and practice has been collected, and here we are granting extensive access to it.

Experienced therapists, as well as motivated lay people (self-help users) will be finding the exact information they need for their education and clinical practice.

More Knowledge for every Day.

With your free registration you will receive direct access to parts of the therapists’ compendium, a number of videos and extensive download offerings. You are immediately able to use the new therapeutic protocols in your office, concerning topics like strengthening the immune system, treatment of insomnia, anxiety and stress reduction.

Who will benefit from the International Mandel Institute?

All are welcome. The knowledge of the International Mandel Institut is especially helpful for medical and other healing and healthcare professionals. 

We have a total of four service offers for you.

Even with only the free self-help offer interested lay people are already able to have valuable experiences.

Just click the button, state your training and address, and you are on your way.

As soon as you have registered you will receive a confirmation mail, providing you with immediate exclusive access catered to your profile.

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