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Peter Mandel’s Life and Work

Even as a physical therapist Peter Mandel started noticing strange connections between symptoms and causes. He initially worked in Heidelberg and then became a naturopath in Bruchsal. In 1973 there was a quantum leap from a phenomenon to a system: the Energetic Emission Analysis (EEA). First completely analogous and now digital, it explains individual causal chains. The trigger and the symptom are frequently revealing their often complex structures, and the therapist is able to discover new healing approaches to promote recovery.

In 1976 Peter Mandel completed his therapies with the development of Colorpuncture. Colored light is applied to certain reflex areas on the skin, and thus affecting the selected organ. In cooperation with the biophoton researcher Prof. Dr. Popp pioneering works in biophysics and its importance for the human being took shape. Presently Colorpuncture has been joined by “Induction therapy” and “Conflict resolution therapies” at the center  of Esogetic Medicine.

Peter Mandel is still following the guidance of his clinical experience.Empirical as always and inspiring for new generations.

Esogetic Medicine is being used in more than 20 countries worldwide. Over 3000 medical doctors and therapists are using the complete Esogetic spectrum or parts of it as a useful complement.

Meanwhile teaching and training have become especially important, as well as lectures all over the world, seminars and webinars. Peter Mandel is an internationally acclaimed teacher in Europe, India, Japan, USA, China and Australia, and he stays fully engaged in the ever increasing interest in wholistic medicine.

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